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Paintless Innovative & Sustainable Solution through Rapid Heat & Cool Molding

For small parts
Eliminate weld lines and get a mirror surface, easliy.
Hot water type Heat and Cool System

Three individual temperature controls units achieve fast cycle molding


  • No boiler is needed.
  • Lower cost than steam or inductive Heating systems.
  • Can be effective with existing molds.
  • Temperature Controllers can serve general purpose needs.
  • Matsui Technology automatically adjusts to conditions for the best results.
  • External monitoring function watches outside conditions.

Specification : Pressurize hot water H&C Valve control unit

Power AC 200-240 1P Feed port Rc3/8 6 ports ball valve
Required air 0.5~0.7Pa 200L/min (ANR) Return port Rc3/8 6 ports ball valve
Medium Water Primary IN G1/2 3way socket
Temp range 0˚C~ 160˚C (MAX 1.6MPa) Primary OUT G1/2 3 way socket
Dimension W 578 x D 555 x H 878.5 (mm) Weight 55kg.

For any kind of parts
To achieve excellent surface quality
Steam type High Speed Heat Cycle System (RHCM )


  • 3D Weldless Alliance provides the best solutions.
  • RHCM Heat & Cool molding system will provide big benefits.
  • Improve weld line strength, plating adhesion & texture transcription.
  • Eliminate painting, prevent filler exposure and reduce deformation.
  • Even relieves crystalline orientation.


  • Steam causes mold temperature to rise 2.5-6.0 times faster than water.
  • Optimized mold design can increases effectiveness with rapid Heat exchange.
  • 3D Weldless alliance supports best molding scene (liable).
  • RHCM molding can be introduce at ease.

Specification : RHCM controller

RHCM-100G utility Power (Breaker) AC 415V 3P (20A)
AC 200V 3P (40A)
Pump output flow rate 4kW
200L/min at 0.4Mpa
Steam MAX 180 ˚C Dimension(Body) nc. mani old W 650 x D1000 x H1209 (mm)
W 560 x D 395 x H1619 (mm)
Cooling water 35˚C or less
Air 0.5~0.7MPa Weight 335kg
Connection Feed port 15A (1/2B) 12 ports Steam 25A
Return port 15A (1/2B) 12 ports Cooling 40A
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